Litigation of intellectual property and counterfeiting

Intangible assets are created during the development of a business: Trademarks, patents, industrial secrets, copyright and other assets which, jointly, constitute an invisible web of rights, but which collectively constitute assets for the operation.  

It is uncommon for the holders of these rights to anticipate an intellectual property litigation, either due to the violation of rights by a third party, or even backwards, when the holder inadvertently invades a third party’s rights, which may detonate a serious contingency for any business.
ROMO DE VIVAR V.IP SERVICES, is keen to generate a preventive culture for their clients. We therefore have the litigation strategy planned since the first background check, if necessary. We deem a priority to bullet-proof our clients against any breach of intellectual property rights.

Our VIP services are interwoven in order for us to develop, register and protect solid rights which may be exercised in the future, especially in the world of counterfeiting. A sophisticated strategy with unstable legal foundations, or a solid right with an inefficient protection strategy may become fruitless and not favor the stable development of our clients’ business operation.

Our Firm aims to shield, as efficiently as possible under the current legislation, in order for us to defend them or exercise their rights in practically any situation.