Every generation has transcended via certain outstanding technological advances; the decade of 1910s due to the first massively produced vehicle; the 1920s by the television, Methanol and Butane; the 1930s by the Polyestirene and the video signal; the 1940s by the antibiotics, Velcro, plastiline, Tupperwares and the microwave; the 1950’s by the remote control, analogic and logic signals and the contraceptive pill; the 1960s which where the origin of the modern technology, since software, RAM and ROM memories and laser ray appeared; the 1970s by the Post-it ant personal computers; the 1980s for the modem, CD-ROM, Windows operation system, Prozac, the DNA sequence and the 1990s by www. Nevertheless, the current generation stands-out for the quantic leaps in the evolution of its technology. We live in a world where day by day technical innovations are developed which constantly modify our lives.

Providing precise and efficient protection becomes of the essence, nowadays more than ever, and our VIP service provides our clients the opportunity to find the best way to do it.

Our VIP services range from the drafting of patents or other new creations, the patenting or registration process, maintenance, upto their protection and defense in Mexico and abroad.




  • Drafting, filing and follow-up until grant.
  • Maintenance, annuity payment.
  • Patent status review.
  • Filing of applications under PCT.
  • Areas of specialty: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemistry, electrical, mechanical and computing.
  • Analysis of freedom to operate.
  • Searching of the state of the art and its analysis thereof, for patents, utility models and industrial designs.



Regulatory matters in the different areas including products:

  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Medical devices,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Food supplements, and Herbals (medicines and remedies)


We have a chain of business associates that allow us to offer:

  • Product development,
  • Product analysis
  • Manufacturing