We consult with our clients to learn their business and marketing objectives and strategies, to carefully guide them through the registration process.

In detail:

Trademark Selection.

We advise our clients on how to select strong trademarks and service marks. Carefully assist them to avoid the selection of a brand which may incur in any of the prohibitions provided by our legislation or infringe any third parties’ rights. Throughout our commercial partnership, our clients confirm that communicating with our trademark attorneys early in the development process, can prevent the frustrating loss of time and money associated with pursuing a problematic trademark.

Trademark Availability Searches and Opinions.

We are thoughtful towards our clients' budget restraints, and will craft an efficient search strategy which is coherent given the anticipated use of the new trademark. Our ongoing access to a variety of technological tools which can be individually  or collectively implemented, generates a search report with the appropriate scope. Our trademark attorneys thoroughly analyze each report, and identify the risks and benefits associated with adopting the proposed trademark, as well as anticipate and notify any difficulties which could appear during the registration process and thereafter.

Filing of Trademark Applications.

We regularly prepare and file trademark applications domestically, and work with a large network of international associates for that purpose worldwide. Our attorneys work closely with a team of trained trademark paralegals to satisfy the particular filing requirements of each jurisdiction, and to track the status of every application we file. We can prepare, on demand, customized reports detailing the status of applications and registrations in our clients' trademark portfolios.

Watch Services.

Policing a mark is no easy task, but we can help ease the burden of using domestic and international trademark watching tools. Diverse levels of watch services are available and our Firm regularly assists clients in evaluating the potentially infringing or diluting issues which are flagged.